Why MyKind – ‘where life meets like minds’?

Close friends and couples share many things … including the same kind of quirkiness! We call it different names – some say it’s the same wackiness, they ‘click’, or joke about being ‘the only two normal people in the world’. Others may call it ‘the same weird’, ‘soul-mates’, or ‘we just get each other’.

Whatever words you use, it’s worn proudly because it’s what makes your relationship unique from everyone else’s, and why ‘my kind of person’ is just that. My kind.

What is MyKind?

Kinder and more inclusive than mainstream social websites
A place where diversity and disability are the norm

Developed by Kiwis with disabilities/working in disability not-for-profit organisations, MyKind is a social community for single adults aged 18+ with and without disabilities/health impairments of any kind.

We expect members to be non-judgmental so everyone feels comfortable, safe, and truly accepted as the people they are. All relationships flourish in an inclusive environment.

MyKind is not just a dating website. We provide the tools to start the journey from chatting, blogging and friendships, right through to the romance of giving virtual gifts and winks. If you go on to date, that’s great!

It’s an inclusive place to make friends too, if that’s all you’re after. Not everyone is comfortable flirting or dating when they’ve never done it before, so chatting and making friends in your own time is important. It’s all about you as a person, and your aspirations for the kind of relationship that works for you.

Whatever MyKind services you choose, we’re here to support you to find who you’re looking for.

If you need a hand, we offer MyMatch – a matchmaking service where a human (not a computer) matches your profile to ‘like minds’. This suits people who feel uncomfortable making contact with strangers, or those wanting help to improve their dating success.

All this makes MyKind unique – a hybrid site that is neither chat or dating, mainstream or ‘disabled’. It’s whatever you want it to be on the social spectrum.

Our other main point of difference is that your membership fees do not go overseas. We give them back to New Zealand’s disability sector through our grants/donation/sponsorship programme. It supports individuals with disabilities, family/whānau of people with disabilities, and not-for-profit organisations in the disability sector.

How does MyKind work?

  • It’s easy to look at other people’s profiles. Click on the Quick Search button and check it out!
  • If you want to communicate with anyone, you’ll need to sign up with a Membership Application and fill out the form. Once your membership has been approved, you can create your profile and access MyKind’s full service.
  • MyMatch personal match-making is when a MyKind staff member takes your profile and searches all other profiles for the best matches using the information you give us in your membership application. We may contact you for more details.

What does it cost?

  • Browsing = free
  • Membership = $25 a month (non-refundable, it rolls over automatically until your cancel)
  • MyMatch personal match-making = free (temporarily unavailable)

MyKind aims to reduce membership fees with revenue from advertising. In the meantime, your fees go towards starting our funding, donation and sponsorship programmes.

Who are we?


Support Team

  • Because MyKind is new, it is a one-person volunteer team called Sue (and she does have a day job!). She is supported by family and friends, plus web development, communications and graphic design professionals.
  • As membership grows MyKind will employ a Membership & Funding Administrator, and Customer Support staff.
  • All MyKind staff will have passed a Police Vetting Check and signed a Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement in their contract, so you can be certain your personal information will be safe and never disclosed to other members, or outside MyKind.

Sue plans to grow MyKind so it can:

  • Celebrate helping other people meet like minds
  • Donate to and sponsor families living with disability, individuals with disabilities, and not-for-profits in the sector
  • Advocate by providing ‘a voice’ for and alongside people seeking an inclusive, accessible New Zealand
  • Reduce MyKind membership fees through website advertising.

MyKind acknowledges

  • Parent to Parent NZ – Te Reo Hughes
  • Enrich+ – Jo Morrow
  • Scorch Design – David Creighton-Pester
  • Dynamic Media – Danielle Simpson
  • Rachel Aarona Photography – Rachel Browne
  • HyperCube – Aaron Enright
  • Waikato Community Living Trust – Brooke Hughes
  • Aspire – Community Support – Taya Cross
  • IDEA Services – Kirsty Williams
  • The people in our photo illustrations who are all real Kiwis with/without disabilities (big thanks to Mike, Jess, Jason, Hannah, Peter and Joy)
  • The artists with disabilities who allow us to feature their work on this site.

If you support Sue’s vision for an inclusive society where we value the person before the disability, and where disability has no barriers, follow