MyKind is a new concept that will evolve to meet the greater need and provide for a diverse community of adult Kiwis with different abilities. It cannot be everything for everyone, but we’ll certainly try!

Please note:

  • All feedback on your experience of the website is welcomed, and if you have website difficulties, or a suggestion for improvements, please email. We would appreciate the opportunity to investigate/address your concern before you complain.
  • MyKind is administered by one part-time volunteer, so until it can employ more staff your patience is appreciated.
  • MyKind is not just a dating website. It provides the tools for the journey from chatting and friendships to dating. There is no expectation to date.
  • We make no guarantee you will get a date or meet your life partner through MyKind, either by being a member or taking part in matchmaking.
  • MyKind does not provide relationship counselling (yet).
  • MyKind’s funding/donation/sponsorship programme is subject to paid membership (500+ members), advertising and donations. At that point we will first improve the website (if we need to) and pay staff to administer it, before launching the programme.
  • The funding/donation/sponsorship advisory team’s decisions will be final and not open for discussion.

Complaints should be submitted by email to:

They should include:

  • The word ‘Complaint’ in the email’s subject line
  • Complainant’s full name, address and phone number
  • What you wish to complain about and why.

MyKind will not respond to complaints that:

  • Do not incude the above requirements
  • Contain foul, abusive or threatening language.