Terms & Conditions for mykind.co.nz

Edition 1 – November 30, 2017


No person under age 18 is permitted to use this website’s services.

Every person who registers as a member of MyKind must read, fully understand, and accept the following Terms & Conditions (T&Cs). By registering as a member you agree to accept that these T&Cs are legally binding and cannot be altered.

1. MyKind Member Application and Website Services

1.1 – By applying to become a MyKind member, you state you are aged 18 or older.

1.2 – The details you provide in your application and for membership payment must be true and correct.

1.3 – The MyKind website can only be used after you have applied and been approved to become a member, and you have received access to create a profile.

1.4 – MyKind has staff manually reading and approving/declining membership applications. It reserves the right to decline applications that raise doubts about your authenticity or motives for application.

1.5 – Unless you apply during a promotion that specifies a free membership period, the membership fee is $25 for 30 days from the date your payment is received. You can pay for an additional month of membership at any time within those first 30 days, and MyKind will extend your membership by another 30 days.

1.6 – The subscription period you pay is for 30 days. If payment for a further 30 days is not received, your membership status will revert to browsing only. MyKind stores your application for up to 12 months should you choose to upgrade at your convenience. Should you choose to cancel your subscription before the end of 30 days, your subscription fee will not be refunded in part or full and you must accept that you incur no loss.

1.7 – Your membership is intended for your personal use only and cannot be shared. Adults with diagnosed issues affecting their literacy (writing or reading) can authorise one sponsor to help them apply for membership and navigate the website. That person is required to provide personal identification, understand and accept these T&Cs, and is not permitted to access the member’s account independently, or share account information, personal details of the member, or personal details of theirs or any other member.

1.8 – MyKind is exclusive to private use and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

1.9 – MyKind reserves the right to view and delete any communications, comments or links, imagery (graphics, photos, screenshots, videos) and profiles we consider violate these T&Cs, or are illegal, could be perceived as offensive, risk violating the rights of other people including members, or risk the safety of other members.

1.10 – MyKind reserves the right to cancel your membership without notification and immediately. This action is likely to be the result of false information provided by you, or if you (or your sponsor) use this service in a manner that is illegal or breaches these T&Cs.


2. Conditions of Use

2.1 – You are responsible for all details you provide. You must not provide anyone else’s details as yours.

2.2 – You agree to keep all details you provide to MyKind current, including your contact details and payment information.

2.3 – You agree to withhold all your personal contact information from other members such as your full name, phone number, fax and addresses of your home, email, website or social media (eg, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram).

2.4 – You agree to open and respond to messages you receive in a timely manner (regular and convenient) and store them on your own computer or other medium.

2.5 – MyKind is not responsible for communications you receive and then lose, or accidentally delete.

2.6 – MyKind is not responsible or liable for any website content you post, or communications you have.

2.7 – MyKind does not endorse or research the accuracy or truth of any information published by members. As a member you will accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine. MyKind staff do read profiles and investigate those that raise doubts, however, it cannot be held accountable for people who mislead.

2.8 – Members must keep other members’ details confidential (eg, full name and addresses for home, phone, email, web and social media). If you receive these from another member you must not share their details with other members or outside MyKind. You can share them with your sponsor, who must not then share them with anyone else.

2.9 – You cannot sell anything through MyKind. You send messages for personal communication, not to advertise goods or services, so you cannot arrange to pay or ask for money for other services.

2.10 – Chain mail or versions of it are prohibited.

2.11 – You cannot post (or distribute from other members) defamatory, objectionable or illegal material.

2.12 – You cannot post images of other people.

2.13 – You agree to treat members and MyKind staff with respect.

2.14 – You will not to upload any data containing a virus (infected software) to MyKind.

2.15 – You cannot upload to MyKind any material that is copyright or protected by commercial property rights.


3. Copyright

MyKind’s trade name, logo/icon and versions of it, brand, services and processes, are copyright to MyKind. Any reproduction of these without MyKind permission is subject to legal action.


4. Information on data

4.1 – MyKind does not share members’ details with third parties, unless otherwise stated in the Privacy Policy. Read the Privacy Policy to see how MyKind protects members’ private details in New Zealand and overseas.

4.2 – Your details are not available to be located and viewed through search engines such as Google or MSN.

4.3 – MyKind stores your application for up to 12 months after you cancel your membership and before your application is deleted. This is solely to accumulate statistics for our financial year, or for marketing purposes, during both of which you remain anonymous.


5. Liability

5.1 – MyKind cannot guarantee that the website and/or its services will function normally and without interruption at all times. It is not liable for technical or access faults due to events beyond its control.

5.2 – Communication between members is as a result of mutual agreement. MyKind provides the technological tools to communicate, but is not liable if no such communication occurs.

5.3 – The MyMatch personal introduction service connects consenting members seeking a match. It is not liable if further communications, a date or relationship does not occur. Nor is it liable if one party is unsatisfied with that match.

5.4 – MyKind is not liable for what may occur during or after a date.

5.5 – MyKind is not liable for what may arise as a result of a member breaching the above Conditions of Use by sharing other members’ personal information to a third party, or in the event that third party also then misuses the information.

5.6 – MyKind is not liable for events as a result of hackers accessing its membership database.

5.7 – MyKind is not liable in instances where employees of the website hosting contractor gain unauthorised access to misuse members’ confidential information.


6. Complaints

Please refer to the Complaints procedure.